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Solgar Caricol® Stickpacks 20 ml - SPECIAL OFFER!
Solgar Caricol® Stickpacks 20 ml - SPECIAL OFFER!
£17.39  |  €23.15
More information on Solgar Caricol® Stickpacks 20 ml - SPECIAL OFFER! Add Solgar Caricol® Stickpacks 20 ml - SPECIAL OFFER! to your basket
Solgar Ultimate Bone Support 120 Tablets - SPECIAL OFFER!
Solgar Ultimate Bone Support 120 Tablets - SPECIAL OFFER!
£22.99  |  €30.60
More information on Solgar Ultimate Bone Support 120 Tablets - SPECIAL OFFER! Add Solgar Ultimate Bone Support 120 Tablets - SPECIAL OFFER! to your basket
View the full range of Solgar Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements at Solgar Health Store. Solgar Health Store is an official Solgar stockist of Solgar products, offering a fast and efficient service.


Many nutrients are needed to support the formation and health of the bones. As we age, we are generally more at risk of suffering loss of bone density or osteoporosis, particularly for women who are inactive, underweight, have a low calcium intake, or are in (or past) the menopause. Solgar Ultimate Bone Support provides calcium, magnesium, zinc, Vitamin D3, manganese and Vitamin K2, all of which help to maintain normal, healthy bones.


Solgar has recently launched a new product called Solgar Probi. It's a product which is likely to be highly successful in the combat against irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), one of the biggest problems troubling people across the Western world.

To learn more, click here: Solgar Probi


What is magnesium used for? Magnesium is one of the most abundant and important minerals in the body. It’s present in some of the food we eat but many of those food groups are not part of the average person’s diet today. Consequently, as we age, it’s a mineral which becomes depleted in our constitution. Very often older customers use it because it’s “something to help with the cramp.”

Magnesium is therefore an essential mineral required by the body for many uses: maintaining normal muscle and nerve function, keeping a healthy immune system, hormonal health, maintaining heart rhythm, and, together with calcium, building strong bones. Magnesium is also involved in at least 300 biochemical reactions in the body. A deficiency in magnesium can lead to muscle spasms, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, migraines, osteoporosis, and cerebral infarction (stroke), and you should consult a health practitioner if you feel you have any of the above conditions.

Many people with ME and fibromyalgia find there are benefits in taking magnesium as well those suffering from migraine reporting improvements. It’s such a crucial mineral; it’s worth reading up about and if you think it’s you, try taking a good magnesium supplement.

To buy, click here: Solgar Magnesium


New Vitamin Products  from Solgar Health Store. Order now for a safe, fast, online delivery.
Solgar L'Arginine 1000 mg 90 Tablets: is Solgar’s new high strength L'Arginine. Advantages include a higher strength to provide an adequate dose with fewer capsules. Some may find L-Arginine powder is unpalatable; therefore tablets provide a convenient way of supplementing. There are minimal excipients and it is free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soya and yeast.

Solgar MultiPlus Multivitamins: is Solgar’s new range of four different multivitamins, each containing additional ingredients. They are ideal for customers who need extra support for Brains, Cardio, Energy and Vision. These are revolutionary multivitamins!

Solgar® Vitamin D3 Chewable Tablets: are great tasting strawberry and banana flavour and ideal for those who have difficulty swallowing capsules or tablets. Each tablet provides 1000 IU (25 g) of vitamin D3, providing an easy way to meet the daily requirement of this nutrient.

Solgar Triple Strength Omega-3: is Solgar’s highest concentration of the natural Omega-3 polyunsaturates EPA and DHA from cold-water fish. This formulation is ideal for those wishing to obtain the benefits of higher dose fish oil supplementation.

Solgar Probi: is a unique digestive aid product which many trials have proven can help with all the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Solgar 7: is a brilliant new product for joint pain, flexibilty and motion.

Comfort Zone Digestive Complex: provides an original combination of digestive enzymes and plant ingredients to help improve digestion.

L-Glutamine: powder in a convenient powdered form for easy digestion.

Ester-C Vitamin C 1000mg 90 Capsules: Solgar's well known gentle Vitamin C in a higher strength.
solgar Caricol - made from 100% Organic Papaya solgar Solgar Whey to Go Range solgar Biotin - Ultra Support for Hair and Skin solgar Beta Glucans for Winter Health
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Hello Randi,

Parcel arrived this morning.

Thank you and best regards,

N, Spain, February 2015

Hello Linsey,

I just wanted to let you know that I have received the parcel today.Thank you!

Enjoy winter and talk to you soon!

All the best & take care.

K K, Prague, January 2015

Hi Linsey and everyone,

Thank you for the great service, always. I order from you regularly. Oh, the note is always great, thank you.

J M, UK, 09 January 2015

Hey !!!!!!!!!

Merry xmas to all of you, thank you, once again for such good, no excellent service. Happy new year and God bless you all , John.

J M, UK, 26 December 2014


How are you? I have got the shipment today! thank you very much for the very nice and useful umbrella!:-)

I wish you Merry Christmas and all best for 2015.

All best & take care

K K, Prague, 09 December 2014


Thank you very much for for sending my order so quickly and safely! Also thank you for your kind greetings in Czech language, such a nice surprise!
I am looking forward to the next order.

All best and have a nice weekend!

K L, Czech Republic, 21 November 2014


Thank you for the fast shipping of my order.

Ps: the little signed note is a nice gesture, brought a smile to my face. Keep it up.


S L, France, 18 November, 2014

Hello Linsey,

I received the parcel with products, as well as a box of pukka tea and an umbrella, thanks.

wish you a good end of year and merry christmas.

Best regards,

L C, France, 17 November 2014

Reason for ordering via your website

Searching Solgar in UK there was another site, but yours inspired confidence.

GB, Luxembourg, 11 November 2014

Hello Linsey,

I just wanted to let you know that I have received the shipment today...Thank you very much for your kind help and assistance and looking forward to the next order.

All best and have a nice weekend

K K, Prague, 17 October 2014

Dear Linsey,

Thank you for sending my order through so promptly, very much appreciated as I am extremely excited after recently learning about all this.

Thanks again,

J W, UK, September 2014

Hi Linsey!

All safely received!

Many thanks xx

C B, UK, August 2014

Hej Randi.

Thank you very much for helping! I have got them, now :-).

Best regards from

Maria Bendix, Denmark, 2014

Thank you, for your friendly swift service, its quicker than waiting till the weekend to nip to town, the little note always helps, in this day and age it makes such a difference to feel as if we know you.


J M, UK, July 2014

Thank you,

Your website is super friendly.. very efficient and easy to navigate. excellent stock too. thank you so much it is appreciated :)

R A, Truro UK, July 2014

I came to this shop when I was holidaying in Cornwall this year. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the staff, the products carried and the overall presentation of the store. Not only did I have one of the best massages in the therapy centre but I also discovered a new 'IBS' tackling product from Solgar called probi 20 million. I had read the article appertaining to this product and thought I'd give it a try. Well I have had IBS symptoms quite chronically for 5 years and the honest truth is...they went within one day.

I cant believe it but I feel sure I was guided to this superb shop. Wish we had one as good in my home town. One month on and I am just ordering my next supply.

Thanks Elixir...you sure get my THUMBS UP!

J C, UK, July 2014


Arrived safely, thank you very much for such prompt service.

H H, UK, June 2014

Hi Linsey

Thanks for my order, received Saturday - very quick delivery! Will order from you again.

J M, UK, June 2014


After being recommended to your site by my brother, I subsequently purchased 2 bottles of beetroot capsules. My blood pressure was very high and I am taking statins and BP meds. The capsules reduced my BP to an all time low, so I am delighted.

J D, UK, May 2014

Hi Solgar

What a fantastic offer and excellent service.


P C, UK, May 2014

Hi Randi,

We received the parcel yesterday.

Many thanks for the service!

Silvia, Spain, May 2014

Hi Linsey,

Thank you for your ultra speedy delivery! I really appreciate such great service & will definitely be telling my friends, family & clients all about it.

Thank you!

K D, UK,20 May 2014

Hi Linsey,

Just to confirm that the cod liver oil from solgar has arrived safely in Holland.

Thank you again,

M C, Holland, 20 May 2014

Dear Linsey

Thank you very much for my order, received today. Thanks for sending so quickly.

J M, UK, May 2014

Hi Linsey

Many thanks for sending the Benecos Honey foundation cream - received today.

Best wishes

J B, UK, May 2014


Very many thanks for prompt service.

Order arrived today!

M C, UK, April 2014

Thank you Linsey,

I well received my order last week.

Good day

D P, France, March 2014


I received the parcel this morning (quite unbelievable) with a note written in Italian, so many thanks for your kindness and your efficiency.

Best regards,

R C, Italy, March 2014

Dear Linsey,

Received very quickly. Thank you.

With kind regards

A C, UK, March 2014

Hi Linsey,

I received the package and all goods were in very good order.

Thank you very much!

J V R, Netherlands, March 2014


Safely received...thank you very much.

Kind regards,

K F, UK, February 2014

Hi Linsey,

My parcel arrived today! Hurrah, the post service is not falling apart quite as much as I thought just a bit slower!

Many thanks for all your help, until next time


V W, Portugal, 27 January 2014

For Linsey please,

Thank you for the order received today, thursday. Very well packed!

Kind regards.

P H, France, 17 January 2014

Hi Randi and Linsey

Goods all arrived today, and thank you for the tea! You really do spoil me!

M W xx, UK, 10 January 2014


Just to let you know that I received my parcel this morning, thank you very much, great service!

Have a happy New Year.

B D H, UK, 31 December 2013


Many thanks for completing my order - gives my husband confidence he can cope with his problem. We appreciate your service and wish you a very Happy Christmas and best of health in 2014.

A H, UK, December 2014

Hi Linsey,

Medicines received, thanks so much and for the chocolates! Merry Christmas to you too and have a happy new year.

Best wishes

A S, UK, November 2013


Thank u 4 yr time this pm ! Delighted to have some good sound professional advice and from all your experience re my skin condition . Tk u for the soap gift too - I will let u know how the Moo Goo products go and the Solgar K2 after speaking with Fay.

Sent from my iphone.

J H, UK, November 2013

Dear Linsey

My order has arrived this afternoon. Thank you very much for your attention.

Kind regards

D C, Italy, Milano, November 2013

Hello Linsey,

Thank you for Solgar products. Thank you for message in Czech language :-)).

Products from Solgar helps me fight with multiple sclerosis. I´m fine. :-))

Thank you

J H, Czech Republic, 19 November 2013

FACEBOOK: K W posted on Elixir Health Foods & Therapy Centre's timeline

"I ordered some homeopathic remedies from you and they arrived within a couple of days - great service at a reasonable price, thanks! "

UK, 15 November 2013

Hi Linsey

Thanks, my order arrived yesterday and your Greek greeting brought a smile to my face.

Thank you and best wishes

H C C, Greece, November 2013

Thank you my dear Linsey,

Thank you so much for my past order. Upon my arrival in Paris, the parcel including such a lovely note ( that warmed my heart) and a nice Pukka tea was waiting for me. You are simply adorable.

Many hugs & kisses,

M N, Paris, France, October 2013


Congratulations on your excellent service and efficiency.

G A, UK, October 2013

Good evening

I wanted to thank both you and your homeopath today. I think his name was Peter. He offered/shared some Arnica 200 for my friend who was frankly in real need. I think that they have helped already and wanted to thank you for your care and humanity - I will make a healthy donation to pass on your kindness and that it might help others a little.

Thanks indeed, C G, UK, August 29 2013

Dear Linsey,

I received my order a few days ago and just wanted to say thanks very much, it's perfect. I hope you have some left in stock as I have given details to friends in my area.

Once again many thanks, N T, UK, August 24 2013

Hi Linsey,

Received my order this morning. Thank you, I have to say it is so nice that you take the time to write a wee message of greeting on the compliments slip. Hope you are well also and enjoying the summer. We certainly have been, not as nice now, but still not too bad.

Best wishes, P M, UK, August 23 2013

Dear Solgar Health Store / Elixirhealth.co.uk

I am writing to say that I am very happy with the order you sent me. It's been packed very well and I appreciate the personal touch! I will definitely come back soon! I love the quality of the products and I find them very easy to swallow. Great products, great service!

Thank you very much!

Regards, K L, UK, August 03 2013

Dear Linsey

The final bottle of tissue salts has just arrived and I wanted to say thank you very much for your very kind, helpful and personal service.

Much appreciated.

Kind regards, J. R, UK, 19 July 2013


Friend told me look for Quest Super Once A Day. Yours was the most efficient site to use.

Best wishes, R P, UK, 4 July 2013

Merci Linsey pour les produits bien arrivés aujourd'hui. Votre petit mot est gentil pour ma retraite juste commencée Je vous remercierai par téléphone si je peux.

DP, France, 18 June 2013

Ciao Linsey,

Grazie per la mail in Italiano, sei molto carina.

FC, Italy, 17 June 2013

Dear Jason,

Thanks for the "interception", just purchased placed order through Teresa/Llindsey. Excellent staff, very helpful and efficient and above all pleasant and HUMAN, a rare commodity sometimes. So hope the stuff is just as good as before.

K. J, UK, 11 Jun 2013

Cheers Kit,

We work hard on the 'human' bit, especially where mail order customers can't see us! We've sold a few already both in-store and through mail order, and feedback is appreciated.

Best wishes, Jason

Dear Linsey,

Many thanks for the bottle of luffa drops, which arrived today. I really appreciate your sending it ahead of the other two, especially as you're paying the postage!

Best wishes, Heather, UK, 08 June 2013

Hi Heather

No problem. I thought you would want to get started and have the relief from the drops sooner rather than later!

All the best, Linsey, UK, 08 June 2013

Hi Randi and Linsey

Could I get some more of the fabulous MooGoo please?

I'm loving this stuff, I can't thank you enough for the initial recommendation, the little samples and excellent service!

Thanks as always

Best wishes, Maria x, UK, May 2013

Dear Linsey

Just to say that I received my order this morning, many thanks for this. Hope you are ok and all is ok in Wadebridge. It is quite a few years now since I have been down to Cornwall, used to spend every spring, summer around either Padstow or Boscastle!!

Very best wishes, Arthur, UK, March 2013

Dear Linsey,

The parcel has arrived today. It's amazing! Also, thank you so much for the present, you are the sweetest ever.

Wishing you all the best dear, Maria, France, March 2013

Hi Randi

Just a quick note to say the MooGoo shampoo has been great so far! No irritation and the redness and dry skin around my hairline is all but gone. I still have a little itchiness on my face so I'm thinking of trying Moo's irritable skin balm. Do you happen to stock that as well?

Thanks again for the recommendation, it's really done me a favour!

Kind regards, Maria, UK, February 2013

Hi there,

The Rio Rosa Mosqueta cream is really amazing, I would say it’s the best I ever used. It gets absorbed easily in my skin and acts immediately – I’m 27 and I want to prevent wrinkles and all, but my actual experiment is my partner. He’s 45 and he has some wrinkles on his forehead (really deep ones). I am applying the cream and the oil for a week now and you can see some improvement already. I’ll get back with an update in a month or two, I’m sure the wrinkles will be almost gone!

Best regards, Laura M, UK, February 2013

Dear Linsey,

My parcel arrived yesterday. Thank you for your help and the quick service. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and your family and to all your colleagues at Elixirhealth.

Kind regards, Olivier GAIDAMOUR, France, December 2012

Dear Linsey,

My order arrived. The extra note in the package, the personal touch, makes all the difference… Thank you for your 5 star service!

Kind regards, Talitha, Portugal, December 2012

Dear Linsey,

The package arrived today! Thank you very much for your help and kind assistance. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and all your colleagues from Elixirhealth.

All the best, Karolina, Czech Republic, December 2013

Dear Linsey,

My order arrived. The extra note in the package, the personal touch, makes all the difference… Thank you for your 5 star service!

Kind regards, Talitha, Portugal, December 2012

Hi Linsey,

I have received my order of Mastic Gum today, thank you.

I'm also delighted to see that it came all the way from Wadebridge in Cornwall. I have strong links with Cornwall, my nan was born in Padstow and Grandad in Falmouth.

Regards, Eileen :-), UK, November 2012

Dear Linsey,

The parcel has arrived the day before yesterday. Thank you, my dear.

Have a nice and restful week-end.

MARIA NICOLAY, France, November 2012,

Dear Linsey,

I just wanted to let you know that I received both consignments today and to thank you for prompt service, hand written note and everything was so well packaged.

Hope all staff at Elixir Health Foods have a wonderful Christmas.

Regards, Mary xx, Cyprus, November 2012

Dear Linsey,

Just to say... order arrived with this morning's post and in perfect condition.
Much appreciated, will order from yourselves again in future.
Nice doing business with you,

All the best too! Emma, UK, November 2012

Dear Lindsay,

Parcel received this morning. A really quick service considering it comes from UK!



Allande Francesco de Angelis, Italy, October 2012

Dear Linsey,

Thanks for your response, i've received it yesterday 6pm.

Have a nice day

Christine, Paris, October 2012

Hi Linsey,

I just received your parcel today. Your kind handwritten thank you note made me smile :)

Thanks again,

Matthias, Germany, October 2012

Dear Linsey,

Thank you for your packet and it (Salcura DermaSpray Intensive Skin Nourishment Spray 250ml) arrived on Monday.

Kind regards,

Csaba, Hungary, September 2012

Greetings from Greece!

Very good prices! thanks for the good service! the parcel came quick.

Kalliopi Popi, Greece, September 2012

Dear Linsey (&Co)

Many thanks for another welcome high-speed delivery of Solgar Niacin. Since taking this product my cholesterol levels have dramatically dropped. Thank you!

Every good wish, K L, August 2012

Hello Linsey,

The parcel has arrived today, safe and sound!

Thank you for the nice message within.


Gioele Valenti, Italy, August 2012

Hello Cornwall!

Just to let you know that the order arrived safely this morning.
Hope you don't get blown / washed away over the holiday week end.
Cheers from a sunny (ish) and warm (ish) France.

Clive Leighton, France, August 2012

Dear Linsey,

Hope that you are well in spite of the dreadful weather. Here in Paris it is just the same: awful. I just wanted to thank you and to tell you how much I appreciate your little messages that you always slide in my parcels. It is sweet and very attentionate of you.

Wishing you a joyful week-end.


Maria Nicolay, Paris, July 2012

Hi there,

My partner recently ordered some quest super vitamins from your website. (as a gift for me). I would just like to say how impressed we both are with the excellent and swift service!

Thank you very much.:), June 2012, Sheryl Heath


Satisfied customer. good service. friendly approach

Georgia Vasileiou, Greece, May 2012

Hi Linsey and Randi,

Thank you so much for changing them Linsey and Randi - and for sending
them so promptly too! Very kind and very efficient. I will be

Jane Lovett, May 2012

Hi Linsey,

That's splendid - thank you so much! I actually meant to write before, as in the first package you sent to us you included a compliment slip with a lovely greeting! My wife and I said that because of that, you'd be our first choice for the various supplements and enzymes she needs!

So, thank you once again,

Best regards, Adrian & Katinka Mann, April 2012

Dear Linsey,

Thank you for the quick delivery. I will order from you again determined. I also wish you all the best.

Kind regards, Margit Herold, April 2012

Hi Linsey

Hope you have a good weekend too.

Thank you once again for the speedy despatch which is really appreciated.

Kind regards, Jayne, April 2012

Dear Linsey,

I just received the aloe vera colax tablets! I wanted to write and thank you for the personal note- I found it wonderful!

That's what makes the difference!

All my best from Athens, Markella Marina, March 2012

Dear Randi

It arrived! Thank you...

Kind Regards, Daniella, March 2012


The parcel has arrived!!!! Thank you Linsey for your help...

Loredana, Italy, March 2012

Dear All,
Good afternoon.  Just to let you know about Order No: EH11511 Vitamin B Complex. I received it today.  Thank you all for giving such a fantastic service.  From now onwards I will be your Customer.  I have used other Companies but your service is the BEST.
Thank you all again.  Have a wonderful weekend.
Best Regards, Hemleta Amin, March 2012

Dear Linsey,

Many, many thanks for the super-fast delivery of Niacin. Ordered Friday - arrived 08.30 on Saturday! Hope to repeat the order soon.

Again my thanks,

Cheers, Ken Launder, March 2012

Hello Linsey,

The parcel arrived yesterday, thanks. I'm curious about your 'beste wensen' to me, do you speak Dutch? I'll 'see you' in about 6 months time for my next order.

Many Regards & Cheers, André, Feb 2012

Hei Randi

Re: Leveranse fra Solgar Health Store/Elixirhealth.co.uk

Fikk pakken idag :). Veldig fint pakket inn, og tusen takk for "bursdagsgaven", veldig hyggelig overraskelse! Vil definitivt handle fra dere igjen, superb service !

Med vennlig hilsen

Nikolai, February 2012

Hi Linsey

I've just received my parcel and wanted to say thank you for the handwritten note. It made my day. It was so nice to deal with a real person.

Susan Thorpe, February 2012

Hi Linsey

I just wanted to say that I am very impressed by the service I have just had from you! I ordered Solgar Hyaluronic Acid tablets yesterday and not only did you make it much easier for me by taking my order over the phone (because my internet connection at work is slow and very annoying!) but I have received my order today along with your handwritten note wishing me well with the tablets. If only all my experiences of ordering things was this good!

Thank you
Kind regards

Emma Burn, January 2012

Hi Harriet

Many thanks. I received New Era Medicine today.

Kind Regards

Rafi, Tokyo, Japan, November 20011


Just to say I am a continuing customer and you have done exactly what you said you would do. As a customer that is invaluable. Thank you

Angela E. Flaherty, October 2011

Thank you Harriet

All parcels now received. Thanks for your good service.

Kind regards.

Jan, September 2011

Dear Randi

I just called the Emirates Post and the parcel has arrived! Thank you so much for the great service. If I need to buy some other products in the future I will for sure order from your site and will also recommend to my friends.

Kindest regards,

Elia Plechaty, September 2011

Many thanks for your very efficient service which I have been very impressed with as I have your web site.


Maggie Neal, September 2011

Dear Randi

You are the best, I really appreciate. Fantastic service...

Kind regards

Sara, July 2011

Hi Harriet

Thanks so much for the Tissue Salts. They arrived earlier in the week! I can't tell you how happy I am! Thanks for such great service! I really appreciate it!

Dave and Tracey, July 2011

Dear Jason

I have to commend you for excellent service. I received notification of my delivery from the Correos (Spain) on friday, and collected my order on saturday. How's that !!

Thank you very much for your kindess and patience.

Best regards Irene Minkin
July 2011

Hello Randi

Thank you for my order . I was delighted with the speed of the delivery. We are now hoping to enjoy using it and are looking forward to GREAT results. HA HA !

Regards, Daphne

Hi Elixir

Thank you for the speedy delivery, very pleased with the service.

Debbie phillips

Here I am again!

Thankyou for sending my last order for my friend so quickly and for the chocs- we think you're wonderful!

Praise from Jayne Knaggs for the website


Juat wanted to say thanks to Jason for info received today over the telephone - make such a difference when people are helpful :-)

Julian Hopkins


Thank you for your very prompt service. My dad was very delighted with his tobacco this morning.



In all my years of having hay fever these tissue salts are the only thing that give me relief; so a big thank you...

Many thanks,

Annie Gabriel

Hello Harriet

Thank you for the order and the chocolate ladybirds - two little grandchildren will be thrilled when they visit on Saturday.

Thanks again,

Moya Tully

Hi Harriet,

I just received the package with the Sambucol gelcaps. Really glad to
receive those, and especially enjoyed the chocolate ladybug that came along
with them! Thanks so much for your help.


Diane Kurt

Hello Harriet and team.

You help my Chistmas by getting the tabs to me
on time. Happy Christmas to you all. Bryan.

Father Bryan Storey

Hello Randi

I have received the delivery

Thank you very much for the lovely message inside

Have a good Christmas to you all there.

December 2010
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